In 2012 I started asking pupils to complete an anonymous on-line customer service survey about their lessons. 90% of responses received were excellent/good ratings. Here are some of the results.
Customer Service Survey
David Martin in driving school car near Framlingham
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Question Response
How would you rate your instructor’s teaching skills? 100% Excellent How well were lessons matched to your abilities? 87.5% Excellent 12.5% Good Do you feel lessons were conducted in a professional manner? 87.5% Excellent 12.5% Good How would rate your instructor’s subject knowledge? 100% Excellent Would you recommend your instructor to others? 100% Yes/already have The quotations shown on the website are reponses to the question - “Please enter any comments you would like to make about learning with me.“
David Martin in driving school car near Framlingham
(Survey carried out using facilities provided by Survey Monkey in 2012/2013. Some quotations edited for spelling.)
“I cannot praise David’s teaching skills too highly. I was a nervous student and he was calm and patient, and always found an effective strategy for any difficulty I had. I was well prepared by the time I took my test, and passed in spite of my nerves. David was fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending him.” (Quote from customer service survey) DRIVER TRAINING david martin