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Charges for Learner Lessons And Discounts (prices correct Nov 2019)
Driving Tests
Discounts are available for ‘block’ payments made on-line or by telephone via the AA Driving School. The following two offers are not new starter offers, but are available to all pupils throughout their learning when paying for blocks of lessons. 6 or more hours paid in advance, discount of £2 per hour - £26.50 per hour (5 hours paid in advance, a 5% discount applies) If you choose to pay on a per lesson basis, then the non-discounted rate applies. The maximum rate for learner lessons - ‘pay as you go’ - £28.50 per hour Various offers may be available for new pupils both via the AA Driving School and directly from myself. The offers can vary from time to time, but inevitably terms and conditions may apply!
In this area most people attending a Practical Driving Test will need a three hour lesson on the test day. This is charged at the normal lesson rate, including any discounts that may be applied. I do not charge any supplementary fees for taking my pupils to driving tests. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY MANUAL LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE AT PRESENT.
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